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    Company History

    We are Building Management System (BMS) provider with Norwegian roots.

    kormanykerekThe roots of the Thermo Control Group extend back to the early 90s when its Norwegian and Hungarian owners began to adopt the Scandinavian energy sustainability model in Hungary. At the time, there was a much bigger potential in energy sustainability and conversion in Hungary than in any developed country in Europe. The Norwegian model has been applied successfully until today, as is proved by the numerous energy efficiency projects that have been carried out in Hungary.

    Knowing that the Building Management Systems (BMS) play a key role in these projects, in the energy efficiency of new and modernised buildings, the owners, in 1997, founded Thermo Control, as an engineering undertaking specialised in designing and installing BMSs. In the next years the owners established the further companies of the group for BMS design and installation and Facility Management in Hungary, Romania, India and Norway.


    The main business activitys:


    The Thermo Control Group has three main business lines:

    1. Develop, install and maintain Building Management Systems (BMS),

    2. Operate and maintain buildings (FM),

    3. Provide Energy Management (EM)


    The mission of all the three business lines is to provide, for real estate developers and owners, efficient, high-quality and innovative services, to supply computer-aided automised systems and to ensure that their partners can concentrate on their own core activities.

    All the three business lines of the Thermo Control Group are present in Norway, Hungary, Romania and India.

    The number of our partners is increasing from year to year, since our aim is to operate in conformity with the highest requirements, owing to the continuous development of our technological and human resources.

    Ours is a customer-oriented, service-focused, flexible and quality-centred organisation.

    We are confident that the above three synergies constitute high added-value to our Customers. Our use of these three fields at a high level of competence ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

    Intelligent Buildings, Innovative Solutions
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